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ASIC Design

Turn-key ASIC Design Solution & Engagement models ASIC Development Stages IP & IC design solutions provider Architecture Design RTL Design Circuit Design Synthesis Design Verification Analog Layout Physical Design Physical Verification Advinno has successfully implemented full-chip and block level customer tape-outs in sub-micron technology. Many SoC development projects have been completed in market segments including […]

System Design

System Design

Vendor Product Name Descriptions CoDeveloper for Xilinx Impulse CoDeveloper™ allows you to compile C-language directly into optimized logic ready for use with Xilinx FPGAs. Use the Impulse tools to quickly prototype mixed software/hardware systems and perform design iterations in just minutes or hours, instead of days or weeks. If you are using embedded MicroBlaze™ or […]


Face Recognition

Face Recognition Face recognition is important for many applications, including security, judicial administration, visual monitoring and intelligent interaction. The face recognition system detect up to 10 persons concurrently. The algorithm is able to detect frontal and non-frontal image. Advinno implemented the face recognition system in an embedded system based on a single Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA. […]


Imaging & Video

Imaging & Video Advinno is addressing the trends of video and image processing marketplace with modular, programmable solutions that offer high performance, flexibility, upgrade ease and low development cost. FPGAs are an ideal fit for video and image processing applications, such as broadcast infrastructure, medical imaging, HD videoconferencing, video surveillance, and military imaging, where there […]


Internet of Things

Internet of Things Applications Energy Smart Meters Smart Grids Health care Patient Monitoring Manufacturing & Industrial Plant Monitoring Facility Management Security, Lighting, Access Home Automation Smart Appliances Automotive Fleet and Asset tracking Retail Inventory tracking Consumer Technology Cellular LTE, 3G, CMDA, GPRS, GSM Wireless Wi-Fi direct Bluetooth SMART (BLE) ZigBee NFC RFID Wired LAN Ethernet […]



Healthcare All of us know what it feels like to be waiting at the doctor’s – we wish to consult the doctor and return home for a good rest as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we often find ourselves stuck in an exasperatingly long queue. This is frustrating for all of us, even more so for […]


Phone Tracking

Phone Tracking There is a need to know the real-time location of key personnel and high value assets at all times. Protect Your Smart PhoneWith this iSmartTags, losing your Smart Phone is a thing of the past!Utilising the latest communication technology, your iSmartTags alert you if you leave your Smart Phone behind. Protect Your ValuablesWith […]


Personnel Tracking

Personnel Tracking There is a need to know the real-time location of key personnel and high value assets at all times. Advinno’s Tags are small, battery operated for accurately locating and tracking of people or high value assets in real time, indoor and outdoor from school, office, manufacturing floors, hospital, parking lot, construction site, shipping […]


Lumerical Application

Lumerical Photonic design tools address many applications Lumerical Application Gallery contains numerous simulation project files to walk you through common application examples with ready-to-use models. CMOS Image Sensors Growing interest in imaging applications from gesture sensors, machine vision, and 3D imaging has led to intense research into high performance CMOS sensor achitectures Diffractive Optics & Metalenses Diffractive […]