Company Profile

Advinno Technologies is an Independent Electronics Design House (IDH) incorporated in Singapore in 2002. The business focuses on design, engineering, manufacturing and logistics of semiconductors, electronic systems and turnkey products.

The team’s design experience spans Artificial Intelligent (AI), Internet of Things (iOT), Robotic Automation, Video Analytic,  ASIC, FPGA, Analog, Mixed Signal, RF, IPcore, PCB, Embedded systems and Software. Advinno also assists customers with rapid prototyping services, mass-production and complete turnkey services. Through our extensive experiences in systems and Integrated Circuits design, we partner with clients to deliver first-pass success products to market faster.

Advinno also design and manufacture innovative Internet of Things (iOT) products using emerging technologies such as LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart (BLE), ZigBee and Sensor Mesh Network to enable Smart Cities and M2M applications.

Advinno is an innovative company and our employees are keys to our innovation. The company is led by a team of experienced professionals. At Advinno Technologies, our people are our most important asset.

Company Vision

To be the leading independent design house (IDH) in Asia Pacific.

Company Mission

To enable customers first-pass success and shortest-time to market