Large Capacity & Scalable

  • 11.08M System Logic Cells and 177.2 Mb of internal memory
  • On-board DDR4 SO-DIMM socket and DDR3 SO-DIMM socket support up to a total of 16GB of memory
  • Multiple Logic Modules can be conveniently connected together to expand capacity through interconnection modules or cables
  • Up to 16 Dual VU Prodigy Logic Modules can be configured in a Prodigy Cloud Cube

High Reliability

  • Screw-lock design to I/O connectors
  • Self-Tests – Isolate design issues from board issues conveniently with a software GUI
  • Monitoring of on-board voltage, current and temperature with a software GUI
  • Automatic shut-down upon detection of over-current, over-voltage or over-temperature

Advanced Clock Management

Standalone Mode

  • 6 global clocks to be selected from
    – 6 programmable clock sources (0.2-700MHz)
    – 5 pairs of external clocks through MMCX connectors
    – 1 OSC socket
  • 3 feedback clock lines for internally generated clocks from any of the two user FPGAs
  • 3 design clock outputs
    – through 3 pairs of MMCX connectors

Cloud Cube Mode

  • 6 global clocks to be selected from
    – 6 local programmable clock sources (0.2-700MHz)
    – 6 Cloud Cube global clock resources
  • 3 feedback clocks
    – Internally generated clocks in any FPGA can be output to Cloud Cube global clock sources

High Performance

  • Up to 100W of power for each FPGA
  • Equal trace length for I/Os from same I/O connector
  • On-board support of high-speed DDR3 and DDR4 memory

Flexible & Powerful I/Os

  • 1,152 general purpose I/O pins and 32 GTH transceivers on 8 Prodigy Connectors
  • Prodigy Connector I/O voltage on can be adjusted to 1.2V, 1.35V, 1.5V or 1.8V through runtime software in GUI with 4 status LEDs on-board to indicate I/O voltage
  • 32 GTH transceivers and 48 general purpose I/O pins for control signals on 4 GT connectors

Pin-Multiplexing Interconnection Support

  • 518 physical interconnections between the 2 FPGAs optimized for pin-multiplexing using LVDS
  • Support for 30000+ design interconnections between two FPGAs with LVDS running at 1.2GHz
  • Optional Prodigy Player Pro™ Compile Software for automatic design partitioning and LVDS pin-multiplexing insertion
  • 12 additional gigabit transceiver interconnections between the two FPGAs


  • Auto detection of daughter cards or cables
  • On-board battery charging circuit makes FPGA bin file encryption easy
  • Compatible with S2C’s off-the-shelf pre-tested daughter boards
  • Multiple FPGA configuration options through Ethernet port, USB port, JTAG and micro SD card
  • Virtual SWs & LEDs for simple tasks such as changing a setting or indicating a condition remotely
  • Optional S2C design implementation software
  • Optional S2C Prodigy Multi-Debug System for multi-FPGA deep-trace debug through gigabit transceivers
  • Optional ProtoBridge™ AXI software to co-model with software/simulation models in transaction-level