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Photonic Integrated Circuit Simulator

INTERCONNECT, Lumerical’s photonic integrated circuit simulator, verifies multimode, bidirectional, and multi-channel PICs. Creating your project in our hierarchical schematic editor, you can use our extensive library of primitive elements, as well as foundry-specific PDK elements, to perform analysis in the time or frequency domain.

Key INTERCONNECT applications include:

  • Optical Transceivers
  • WDM Systems
  • Advanced Modulation Formats
  • Modulators
  • Complex Optical Fibers
  • Optical Switches
  • Compact Model Library Development
  • Laser Modelling
  • Light Propagation in Fibers and EDFAs
  • Signal Processing
  • Sensors
  • LiDAR
Hierarchical Schematic Editor
  • Hierarchical design
  • GUI and Lumerical script interface
  • Interoperable with MATLAB
Circuit Solver
  • Frequency domain analysis
  • Transient sample mode simulator
  • Transient block mode simulator
  • Multi-mode and multi-channel support
  • Mixed signal representation
  • Electronic-Photonic co-simulation
Visualization and Data Analysis
  • Parameter Sweeps
  • Design optimization framework
  • Statistical analysis
PIC Element Libraries

INTERCONNECT contains an extensive standard library of passive and active optoelectronic building blocks, along with supplementary elements that enable simulations and analyze results. It offers two library extensions:

  • An element library extension for laser modelling
  • An element library extension for system modelling
Laser Library
  • Traveling wave laser model (TWLM) based on 1D rate equation model
  • Displays turn-on and other dynamic behaviour
  • Light can travel in and out of both ports/facets and through the TWLM itself
  • May be used standalone as a Fabry-Perot Laser, DFB Laser, and semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA)
  • May be used in combination with other INTERCONNECT elements to model distributed Bragg reflector, ring, external cavity, and novel external feedback lasers
  • Requires Laser Library license
System Library

The System Library includes the following models:

  • Optical fiber model that includes dispersive, non-linear, and birefringence effects
  • Model for erbium doped fiber amplifiers
  • Elements for forward error correction encoding and decoding
  • Models for decision feedback and maximum likelihood sequence estimation equalizers
CML Development and Distribution

INTERCONNECT, along with Lumerical’s suite of component-level tools, provides an infrastructure that supports the development and distribution of compact model libraries (CMLs) for PIC simulation and design. Typically, a CML is built upon a combination of experimentally measured data and accurate component-level simulation results using Lumerical’s DEVICE Suite multiphysics simulation products.

EDA and PDA Interoperability

Simulate and optimize your designs with familiar EDA design tools and workflows to accelerate design time and improve reliability.

Statistical Analysis
  • Performs Monte-Carlo Analysis to assess circuit performance and yield by accounting for process variations
  • Performs Corner Analysis to model the effects of process variation on circuit performance