Face Recognition

Face recognition is important for many applications, including security, judicial administration, visual monitoring and intelligent interaction. The face recognition system detect up to 10 persons concurrently. The algorithm is able to detect frontal and non-frontal image. Advinno implemented the face recognition system in an embedded system based on a single Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA. The system uses a CMOS digital imaging sensor and Xilinx ML507 board for the face detection, face verification and face recognition. This low cost and embedded design is suitable for portable face detection and recognition application

FaceRecognition1 Face Recognition and Verification System implemented in Xilinx ML507 (Virtex-5 FX70). Detected ID[5]
Face Detection (Before)lena Face Detection (After)lena_facedetect
FaceRecognition2 System block diagram showing Camera link input to FPGA, Power PC and Floating Point co-processor