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Runtime Library and Utilities for PIC Simulation

Lumerical’s Photonic Verilog-A Platform enables multi-mode, multi-channel, and bidirectional photonic circuit modelling when used in conjunction with industry’s leading EDA simulators, facilitating the design and implementation of electronic-photonic integrated systems.

The first commercial solution for modeling photonics using Verilog-A, with major breakthroughs:

  • Bidirectional optical port
  • Scalable optical channels and modes through CML Compiler model generation
  • No optical bus for optical connection, keeping the consistency between schematic and layout
What do we offer?
  • Automated and reproducible generation of version-controlled​ models through CML Compiler
  • Offer IP protection through CML encryption
  • Various fixed and parameterized photonic models are available, including CW lasers, waveguides, optical phase shifters, photodetectors, and optical N-port S-parameter elements.
How it works
  • Generate​ Verilog-A models through CML Compiler
  • Obtain Lumerical’s Verilog-A models from production foundry PDKs (coming soon)
  • Build your own custom Verilog-A models based on Lumerical’s Verilog-A runtime API
  • Lumerical’s Verilog-A models accurately represent component behavior, and are consistent with INTERCONNECT models as they are generated from the same data source using CML Compiler
  • Both approaches have specific advantages for different applications and simulation requirements. Verilog-A models can leverage many built-in analyses (e.g., ac analysis and noise analysis) and advanced features (e.g., variable time stepping) of EDA simulators; while INTERCONNECT is a dedicated, best-in-class simulator for photonics, naturally enabling bidirectional, multi-mode, multi-band simulation
  • One or both approaches may be needed at different phases of designs, and the key to success is to pick the best for the application.