Always Be In Full Control

Asset Tracking

Many industries have one key concern in common – safeguarding their valuable assets. Our tracking solutions help to identify each item and track their movement. This increases equipment visibility and aids decision-making with regards to resource allocation.

To us, assets are more than simply machinery and tools. People are assets too. Our tracking solutions keep track of people movement, enabling more efficient staff management.


  • Keep track of equipment and people movement for deployment decisions
  • Flexibility in harnessing existing Wi-Fi network or other kinds of technology
  • Customised solutions to ensure highest compatibility with your company

Event registration

Save the hassle of primitive paper-and-pen event registration! Our wireless tracking solution will provide a convenient system to ensure a unique experience for your guests. Impress your guests with royal treatment.


  • One of a kind experience for your valued guests
  • Enhance corporate image with seamless flow of events
  • Customised solutions to ensure highest compatibility with your company

Attendance taking

Presently, many companies, especially in the manufacturing sector, are still physically recording the reporting and exiting timings of their employees. The paperwork involved is troublesome, time-consuming and above all, cost-inefficient in the long run. With our tracking solutions, you can record employees’ movement more efficiently.


  • Automates record of employees’ movement for cost savings
  • Customised solutions to ensure highest compatibility with your company

Outdoor Tracking

It is scary to lose someone while you are leading a group, whether on an excursion or a tour. With our tracking solutions, each member is uniquely identified and the precise location can be determined via GPS technology. Go on trips with a peace of mind.


  • All members can be accounted for at all times
  • Reassures members even in unfamiliar places
  • Missing members can be located easily