Mentor Calibre One

The Tanner-Calibre One IC verification suite is an integral part of the Tanner™ analog/mixed-signal (AMS) physical design environment, creating an easy path to the proven capabilities of Calibre verification tools.

  • Tanner-Calibre One is a key part of Tanner’s complete, full-flow analog/mixed-signal (AMS) IC design suite.
  • The Tanner schematic capture tool S-Edit and the physical layout editor L-Edit is tightly integrated with the Calibre verification suite.
  • The Calibre platform is the industry-leader for physical verification and is qualified for sign-off by every major IC foundry and the Tanner Calibre One verification suite uses the same Calibre design kits.
  • Tanner Calibre One DRC/LVS/xRC license can only be used with Tanner L-Edit.

The Tanner Calibre One verification suite includes the following tools:

 Calibre nmDRC

Hierarchical design rule checking

Calibre nmDRC™ ensures the physical layout can be manufactured. This industry-leading tool provides fast cycle times and innovative design rule capabilities.

 Calibre xRC

Parasitic extraction

Calibre xRC™ verifies that layout-dependent effects do not adversely affect the electrical performance of the design, delivering accurate parasitic data for comprehensive and accurate post-layout analysis and simulation.

 Calibre nmLVS

Hierarchical layout versus schematic

Calibre nmLVS™ checks that the physical layout is electrically and topographically the same as the schematic. It improves designer productivity by providing actual device geometry measurement and sophisticated interactive debugging capabilities to ensure accurate verification.

 Calibre RVE

Graphical results viewing environment

Calibre RVE™ brings the solution together, providing a graphical results viewing environment that reduces debug time by visually identifying design issues instantly and cross-selecting the associated issue in L-Edit and S-Edit.

Calibre Interactive

Calibre Interactive: Calibre® Interactive™ is the invocation GUI for Calibre DRC™, LVS and xRC™ tools for physical verification and parasitic extraction. It is tightly integrated with the L-Edit layout design environment.