Analog Mixed Signal Solutions



Vendor ProductName Descriptions
Tanner HiPer Silicon HiPer Silicon is Tanner EDA’s complete software suite for the design, layout and verification of analog, mixed-signal, RF and MEMS ICs. HiPer Silicon consists of fully-integrated front end and back end tools, from schematic capture, circuit simulation, and waveform probing to physical layout and verification. Its advanced features improve designer productivity, including foundry-compatible physical verification, Verilog-A simulation, interactive autorouting,and device layout automation.
Tanner L-Edit Pro Based on L-Edit, the fastest rendering layout editor in the market, L-Edit Pro is a comprehensive physical layout and verification system that accelerates design cycles with high performance and an extremely short learning curve. L-Edit Pro includes Standard DRC, Extract and LVS, Interactive DRC, Node Highlighting and SPR.
Tanner T-Spice Pro T-Spice Pro, Tanner EDA’s design entry and simulation system includes S-Edit for schematic capture, T-Spice for circuit simulation and W-Edit for waveform probing. T-Spice Pro is HSPICE and Pspice compatible and supports the latest industry models.
Tanner L-Edit MEMS Complementing a long history of research and fabrication of MEMS devices, Tanner EDA offers powerful solutions for MEMS design, including L-Edit MEMS and L-Edit MEMS Design that offer unsurpassed capabilities and compatibility with mechanical CAD tools.
Tanner HiPer PX HiPer PX, Tanner EDA’s parasitic extraction system, ensures successful RF IC tapeouts by providing accurate, simulation-ready RC models of interconnect parasitics and crosstalk.